Nail & Cocktail bar design in the UK

The development of the Nails salon business increases many opportunities for overseas Vietnamese to get rich. Designing Nail & Cocktail bars in the UK is one of the outstanding projects that KenDesign wants to introduce to investors. New but practical ideas create an impressive service space.

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The development of the Nails salon business increases many opportunities for overseas Vietnamese to get rich. Designing Nail & Cocktail bars in the UK is one of the outstanding projects that KenDesign wants to introduce to investors. New but practical ideas create an impressive service space.

Overview of the design of Nail & Cocktail bar in the UK

Stemming from the desire to bring a convenient service space and meet the increasing needs of customers, the Nail & Cocktail bar design project in the UK possesses a luxurious and sophisticated interior space that promises to attract a lot of customers.

Nail salon design ideas combined with Cocktail bar

In order to give customers a comfortable and convenient nail salon space, the investor built the idea of designing a nail salon in the style of an impressive neoclassical bar. The elegant, sophisticated style understands the desire to experience comfortable services while experiencing beauty services, making the nail salon space from the drawing received much praise.

nail cocktail bar in the UK

With the desire to bring a convenient service space for customers when using beauty services. The investor has formed the idea of building a design space for a nail salon & Cocktail bar. Therefore, the investor needs a comfortable and impressive space but also needs to match the spirit and style of the beauty industry. The lobby area is moderate, so the investor wants the space to be divided appropriately. Design nail salons to serve more cocktail bar services, drinks to help customers relax comfortably.

nail cocktail bar in the UK

Advantage and disadvantage


Nails salon business model in foreign countries, especially the UK, is one of the strongly developing market shares. The reason for this is that the demand for beauty is a service industry that attracts customers, so a Nails salon business abroad will bring stable income for even newly opened nail salon owners. With carefulness, hard work and eagerness to learn as well as being skilled and skilled workers of Vietnamese people, opening Nails salons is very easy to attract customers. The design of the nail salon combined with the bar will help the space become new to attract customers to increase business revenue.

nail cocktail bar in the UK


Besides the advantages in the design process, there are also difficulties in the geographical distance and location of the work. Designing a Nail & Cocktail bar located in the UK, the actual experience faces many difficulties as well as challenges when designing from a distance. Architects as well as investors have difficulty in surveying construction elements of a technical information system about the current state of the site such as fire pipes, water supply and drainage lines, etc., in order to assess the current status of the site.

Designing nail salons abroad requires architects to learn more about the beauty market. Foreign guests do not have much demand for the space trend to bring satisfaction to customers when coming to the shop.

nail cocktail bar in the UK

Luxury nail salon design style neoclassical style

Inspired by the classical art of the neoclassical style combined with the liberal features of the modern style. The design space of the Nail & Cocktail bar in the UK is emphasized by the sophisticated sculptural details of the neoclassical interior showing the artistry through the walls, ceiling, and symmetrical shapes.

Nail salon design with neoclassical style needs to combine elegance with nobility. The space is arranged symmetrically according to strict standards. The decorative details are sophisticated and especially lavish from the commonly used materials in design such as marble, shiny gilded metal, crystal, velvet... The colors are delicately combined with bright color flamboyantly harmoniously combined, it is necessary to exude an attractive power.

nail cocktail bar in the UK

To design in this style, the investor needs to determine a high initial investment budget, and at the same time determine which segment of his customers with neoclassical style will target high-end customers.

Nail & Cocktail salon design with neoclassical inspiration is a style formed by European aristocrats and is still very popular to this day. In the process of interior design in neoclassical style, architects pay attention to the golden ratio when dividing cells and arrays to bring a harmonious look, increasing aesthetic and artistic value.

nail cocktail bar in the UK

Shared interior space

With a large length of space, the architects of KenDesign designed multiple functional areas along the length of the shop. The space is delicately designed not only to ensure the function but also to increase the aesthetic value of the building.

Reasonable distribution of space in the nail salon

The design of Nail & Cocktail bars in the UK is calculated and distributed to the most reasonable space, reasonable here is to have all the necessary functional areas and not cause a sense of mystery to customers. The functional areas required for a nail salon. The reception and cashier areas are located near the entrance to facilitate the reception of guests. 

nail cocktail bar in the UK

As the place to create the first impression for customers, the design of the reception desk is designed to fit the height of the guest, not too high or too low. With a brown wood tone combined with a marble-clad countertop, it adds to the luxury of the nail salon.

Meeting the wishes of the investor who wanted to combine with the Cocktail bar model, the architects cleverly designed the glass cabinet behind the counter. The combination of golden metal and mirror helps to increase the shimmer and attraction of a bar.

nail cocktail bar in the UK

Nail salon

With beauty service providers, you should create enough privacy for guests. Although there is no need to build separate rooms, in the layout and interior arrangement you can cleverly create a certain privacy. Especially with high-end design nail salon, we arrange a clear and separate manicure and pedicure area to create comfort for customers. At the same time, it also helps to arrange the space of the restaurant in harmony for the staff to easily work...

nail cocktail bar in the UK

At the same time, we also design an eye-catching display corner of sample products and nail polish, directed at the customer's point of view when entering the shop. The display of new paint lines and new nail designs will help guests have more suggestions for their nails. This can be considered as a menu of a restaurant or cafe. KenDesign chooses a horizontal design of display cabinets, we create many parallel horizontal rows covering the entire wall, when customers look at it, they will find it attractive, and employees can easily pick up the color. The storage-display area both beautifies the salon and naturally introduces customers to the latest models.

Depending on the actual situation of each nail salon, you decide where to place this area appropriately. Whenever the holiday seasons come, customer demand increases, the investor can display sample products as a way to promote directly to customers.

nail cocktail bar in the UK

Luxurious and impressive interior

The interior of the Nail & Cocktail salon design in the UK uses the typical interior of neoclassical style with soft sofas. Soft velvet material will help customers stay comfortable when sitting for a long time, the legs of the chair have small wheels for easy movement. The interior ensures uniformity in terms of design, materials and product quality. Customers coming to the nail salon will not want to see the interior scene "patched" by many different designs and colors.

Along with that, the pink and blue tones are both gentle but luxurious, they will make your salon's image lose a big point in the eyes of customers. With seats when customers do pedicure, soft sofas for customers can recline comfortably. Employee chairs use compact stools that are easy to work with.

Features of the nail salon interior with neoclassical design Neoclassical style is favored by its simplicity but sophistication, neoclassical furniture brings elegance in every space it is present, shows the level of Nail Salon. With design for the beauty industry, mirrors and lighting are extremely important. The lighting system is arranged enough so that customers can see the colors clearly and are most satisfied.

nail cocktail bar in the UK

Impressive bar space

The design of the Nail & Cocktail bar in the UK impresses with the customer service area as a bar with premium wine glasses. When customers wait or need advice, they can combine relaxation with a bar-like space with sparkling crystal lights. The architect arranged a bench with three small round tables for customers to sit and wait.

Private function area

With a business model of beauty services, the functional areas need to be cleverly arranged, the hygienic hand washing area is designed appropriately to ensure functionality and aesthetics. Besides, with other services, a private room is also arranged to ensure the service of the restaurant.

KenDesign - Professional design and construction unit

Receiving the design drawing of a nail salon & Cocktail bar in the UK, the investor is completely satisfied and loved because it reflects the desire for sophistication, elegance but no less youthful. Hope to have the opportunity to become a companion in the next design project.

If the investor also has a business idea but does not know how to implement it, please contact the professional design unit KenDesign for the most direct and fastest advice. We are a professional design unit, with rich construction design experience accumulated through many projects we guarantee to help you get a satisfactory space.

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