ASTRO Lounge Design - A Pinnacle of High-End Design

The ASTRO Lounge design, an impressive creation, has successfully crafted a luxurious, classy, and inspiring space for elite clientele.

Total area 136 m2 Investment cost 0 vnđ
Location Dao Tan - Ba Dinh Design unit KenDesign
Project investors Styles Classic

Lounges are becoming a standout model in the modern entertainment industry. However, the increasing prevalence of this model to meet customer entertainment needs presents a significant challenge for design ideas requiring uniqueness and novelty. This article by Ken will take you into the unique space of the ASTRO Lounge design.

Initial State of ASTRO Lounge

ASTRO is located on the prime Dao Tan street, bustling with bars, pubs, and lounges catering specifically to Japanese patrons. Initially, it was a two-story clothing shop with a rather monotonous appearance, covering a total area of 135 square meters. The common tube house structure with a narrow width made it challenging to find optimal space solutions while ensuring a comfortable atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the KenDesign team was determined to turn these challenges into advantages. With creativity and skill, they maximized the existing space to create depth for the Lounge, bringing a mysterious and captivating feel. This resulted in a unique, impressive space that perfectly aligns with ASTRO's lounge style.

Lounge ASTRO design

Unique Inspiration for ASTRO Lounge Design 

The vast universe and the mysteries of astronomy became the main inspiration for the ASTRO lounge design. The design team skillfully incorporated astronomical elements into every corner of the space, creating a unique blend of magical beauty and modern luxury. The perfect combination of art and science has created a “one-of-a-kind” space, mesmerizing and enchanting anyone who steps in.

Lounge ASTRO design

Impressive Interior Space 

Eye-Catching BAR Counter

The first highlight upon entry is the bar counter, which overwhelms customers. Using high-end materials and modern technology, the scene of Mars appears before your eyes. The design team transformed this place into not just a drink-mixing area but a unique art piece.

Lounge ASTRO design

Moreover, the team made full use of the wall. With wavy stainless steel, a simple wall has “transformed” into a new appearance. The soft waves and shiny metallic surface create an impressive visual effect, making the wall one of the unique and attractive highlights in the overall design.

Lounge ASTRO design

Additionally, even the ceiling is subtly integrated with stars and the 12 zodiac signs. Made from optical fibers emitting light, it feels like a mysterious universe right here. This not only demonstrates the design team's creativity and sophistication but also brings a unique, artistic style to the space, marked with personal touches.

Lounge ASTRO design

Luxurious VIP Area 

The luxurious VIP room carries a breath of classic elegance but still creates a refined and classy space. It has truly become a gathering place of elite status, where every detail is meticulously and delicately cared for. The highlight here is not only the artistic symbol paintings or high-end sofas but also the combination of premium wine cabinets, creating a splendid royal style.

Lounge ASTRO design

Unique Interior Design 

The ASTRO lounge interior design demands sophistication and luxury while consistently integrating classic inspiration and astronomy. It’s not merely about arranging furniture but also the clever combination of artistic elements and materials. Every interior detail is carefully considered:

  • Furniture: ASTRO Lounge invests in using all sofas. Each sofa is carefully selected with soft materials and a snug structure, creating a very comfortable resting space that meets all customer needs.

Lounge ASTRO design

  • Lighting and Decorations: Even the round lights and paintings are synchronized with the lounge’s language and style, making them unmistakable.

Lounge ASTRO design

Primary Colors of ASTRO Lounge Design

The primary colors in the ASTRO Lounge design are a harmonious blend of deep red and orange tones, creating a captivating and alluring space. All symbolize sensuality, power, and enchantment from the first glance. This choice not only highlights the overall beauty but also brings warmth and attraction.

Lounge ASTRO design

The skillful combination of these three colors creates an impressive and unique space, reflecting the distinct style and personality of ASTRO Lounge. Every small corner becomes a work of art, inviting customers into a mesmerizing and unforgettable visual experience.

Enchanting Lighting System

The lighting system in ASTRO Lounge is distinctively designed, creating a vibrant and mysterious space. Utilizing advanced LED technology and modern lighting devices, the system produces special and rich effects.

Lounge ASTRO design

LED lights are used with diverse colors and effects, bringing richness and liveliness to the space. Spotlighting lights are used to highlight decorative points, making every detail in the bar space more prominent, creating a lively and impressive visual scene.

The ASTRO Lounge design has truly become a unique style, bearing the investor's mark and offering new and attractive experiences for customers. With dedication in every detail, we always strive to provide the most perfect designs for investors. Contact KenDesign now to turn your dreams and ideas into reality.

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