Juice Tea Construction in Quang Ninh

The standout feature of the healthy Juice bar's premises in Quang Ninh is the 3D mural-adorned walls, adorned with various patterns and colors. This demands a meticulous and detailed construction process to bring about an impressive and captivating Quang Ninh-based Juice bar that rivals the allure of the design blueprint. Let's delve into the construction phase of this project carried out by Ken Design through the following article

Total area 60 m2 Investment cost 0 vnđ
Location Quang Ninh Design unit
Project investors Mr. Tien Styles Youth

Supporting Investor for Pre-construction Phase

In the design blueprint of the Juice Bar in Quang Ninh, there are numerous intricate details, particularly the various types of interior lighting fixtures that are hard for the investor to source. Therefore, we provided assistance to the investor in selecting appropriate lighting models and establishing connections with the necessary interior furnishing suppliers for use within the bar, aiming to expedite the preparation phase for the construction process. As a result, after a short span of time, the preparation phase for the Juice Tea construction in Quang Ninh was completed thoroughly and meticulously. Our construction team swiftly moved on to the implementation phase.

Juice Tea Construction - Quang Ninh

Principles of Quang Ninh Juice Tea Construction

Adhering to the Design Blueprint

One of the common mistakes during construction, faced by investors or even inexperienced construction units, is not following or closely adhering to the design blueprint. Even a misplaced light bulb or a wrongly hung painting can significantly affect the overall ambiance of the establishment, diminishing its scientific and alluring aspect.

Juice Tea Construction - Quang Ninh

Juice Tea Construction - Quang Ninh

Hence, our principle in executing any project is to stay aligned with the blueprint, and Juice Bar Quang Ninh is no exception. From the 3D murals to the furniture models used within the bar, wall paint colors, and even the lighting systems, all are executed meticulously and in accordance with the design blueprint. Thus, deviations from the design blueprint are minimal. Check out the design blueprint of the Healthy Juice bar here.

Always Diligent and Precise

In the design blueprint, Juice Bar Quang Ninh chose a tropical design style as its focal point. The establishment's space, especially the walls adorned with vivid 3D murals full of intricate patterns and colors, was meticulously crafted by hand, adhering strictly to the blueprint. Therefore, customers can sense the meticulousness in every brushstroke, enhancing the attractiveness and appeal of the tea shop.

Juice Tea Construction - Quang NinhTo ensure the establishment's space remains fresh and impressive, all the interior furnishings utilized in the bar are carefully maintained to guarantee a beautiful and striking ambiance for the grand opening. The space of Juice Bar Quang Ninh includes many narrow areas, requiring an experienced construction team that works with caution and precision in every step, ensuring safety and quality throughout the construction process.

Juice Tea Construction - Quang Ninh

Ensuring Construction Progress

With a professional construction team backed by extensive experience, the construction process of Juice Bar Quang Ninh proceeds swiftly while maintaining the schedule. The construction of this project is now entering its final stages before handing over to the investor. It will undoubtedly be an ideal destination for Quang Ninh customers once completed.

Juice Tea Construction - Quang Ninh

Ken Design – Your Professional Construction Partner

The construction phase is a pivotal stage that directly influences the project's quality. Therefore, investors should choose the most reputable and professional café and tea shop construction units. Ken Design takes pride in being a trusted partner for many investors. With our experienced construction team, we ensure that investors attain a beautiful and satisfactory space for efficient business operations. Get in touch with us through our hotline for direct consultation. Explore more of our completed construction projects here.

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