Flower Coffee Design - inspired by dreamy Da Lat

Inspired by flowers which carry the sweet and romantic beauty of love, youth enthusiasm and passion, Flower Coffee design was born by the dedication of the owner and the design team. Let’s "explore" the beauty of this project with KenDesign in this article!

Total area 400 m2 Investment cost 0 vnđ
Location Dong Nai Design unit KenDesign
Project investors Ms Khoa Styles Premium

Inspired by flowers which carry the sweet and romantic beauty of love, youth enthusiasm and passion, Flower Coffee design was born by the dedication of the owner and the design team. Let’s "explore" the beauty of this project with KenDesign in this article!

Flower Coffee Design

From which inspiration does Flower Coffee come from?

“Flowers are the music of the earth; each flower is a soul blooming in nature that gives hope to life.”

Indeed, flowers represent the essence of nature. Bright and vibrant colors of fresh flowers become an asset to help the cafe space become eye-catching and full of life. With a large exterior, a large area and a strong passion, Ms. Khoa came up with Flower Coffee design – a peaceful place for dreamers. 

Flower Coffee Design

Fresh flower pots with outstanding colors generated hypes and impression right from the first moment. This is the dedicated project of the owner and the KenDesign team of architects.

Flower Coffee Design

Requirements from the owner

From the very beginning, the owner wanted a space with accents, comfort and openness of a garden cafe. Flower Coffee mainly serves families, groups of friends or local middle-aged customers. The cafe is located in a location with a wide frontage and a large road, which is highly accessible. However, the main disadvantage is it is quite noisy. It is an important point focused on by the architects.

The space of the cafe matches the culture and tastes of the target customers. Each design segment has its own styles and highlights, KenDesign architects employs a combination of the country and the Mediterranean style. The main highlight is the connection between the outdoor area and the delicate indoor area.

“Fall in love” with luxurious and elegant exterior space

The facade employs a dome design and typical colors of the Mediterranean style. Tropical plants are arranged inside. Taking your first step into, you will feel the sense of elegance and beauty.

Flower Coffee Design

It is not ancient and luxurious like the classic style, or young and liberal like the modern architecture, it features harmonious lines in each design line, and brings the harmonious and beautiful, delicate and impressive appearance in accordance with the design standards of garden cafe with modern architecture.

With colors as the main theme, in which the natural element is fully utilized, the Flower Coffee design is the perfect combination of all three elements "fragrance, sound and color". Every detail of the tree, flower to the fence is calculated in detail by the architect to create a design in harmony with nature, bringing a fresh and relaxing space in which you can immerse into nature, away from the chaos of daily life to enjoy every peaceful moment.

Flower Coffee Design

A unique feature from the outside space is that each corner of the cafe is designed to give a different feeling. With comfortable rattan chairs, soft sofa next to the flower wall, it is a very suitable place for afternoon tea parties with friends, or simply a quiet space to read books and see flowers.

Small landscape area: unique and impressive highlights

To create shimmer and attraction in the evening, the owner has ordered colorful twinkling lights around the lake. It enhances safety for customers and create outstanding colors. A highlight of Flower Coffee is the lake facing the building, which will give a feeling of coolness and relaxation. A small lake with fish swimming around and the murmuring sound of the water will create a very pleasing feeling to the eyes and ears, a special highlight for the space.

To utilize the gaps in the windows and wall corners, small, fresh flower pots are arranged to bring a fresh atmosphere to the cafe. The dull walls arranged with flower pots will be more energetic and colorful.

The interior: A perfect combination of colors

As the main theme of the cafe is fresh flowers, great attention is made to the harmony of fresh flowers and the space of the cafe. Fresh flowers come in many colors; therefore, the wall color is simple with monochromatic colors. The colors bring the sense of youth, brightness in combination with meticulous and delicate exterior to the interior designs. Besides, the combination of led light system and ornamental plants enhances to the lovely beauty of the space.

Flower Coffee Design

Magical and shimmering light

Interior design of the cafe should have space for natural light. The harmony of decorative lights and natural light will a great experience to customers. Decorative lights should be chosen widely in order to maintain its comfort and relaxing nature.

The land area used for the design is adjacent to the residential land of the investor, so, the facade consists of 2 separate entrances to limit the impact on business as well as create comfort for the landlord. Flower Coffee space is covered with soft light with the combination of multiple lights from wall lights to pendant lights designed specifically to each area, creating a harmonic atmosphere.

The cafe bar area is the heart of the cafe. As an open space garden coffee, the bar is a connection between the inside and the outside, playing a key role in the business of the entire cafe.

Flower Coffee Design

The lighting plan should focus on the bar area. Reflectors combined with arch lines is an excellent idea. The interior lines should be rounded to create a soft feeling for the whole, in line with the Mediterranean style.

You should focus on materials and landscape. Decorative trees should have low canopy and friendly, pruned to make them look eye-catching and full of life and energy. Besides, you may put small pots right on the table with diverse colors as accents.

Tables and chairs 

As a garden cafe is usually an outdoor open space, regarding tables and chairs, you should choose waterproof furniture to limit damage caused by weather such as rain or sunlight. Suitable materials are plastic, glass, metal, stone, rattan, etc. They are both less dusty, easy to clean and come in many colors to choose from.

Tables and chairs for the cafe should be designed to create a comfortable feeling, and at the same time match overall space of the cafe. Different tables and chairs may be arranged for specific space such as the covered area, the area near the lake, etc. to create a highlight.

When the Flower Coffee project was completed, the owner was highly satisfied with the design plan provided by KenDesign. Right at 3D drawing stage, Flower Coffee has shown to be one of the ideal destinations for young people, office workers, and even for business meeting.

Coffee shop design is not only the needs and desires of many investors, but it is also a common requirement of all businesses around the world. Therefore, Ken Design is proud to be a design unit, a reliable companion of investors not only in the country but around the world.

If you want an impressive design like what we present above, please contact us for advice and receive special offers from KenDesign. We are always here to support you in every project. As a market leader in the design and construction of cafe and milk tea store, along with rich experience in various projects, we are able to provide you the most excellent design ideas.

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