Design of a cafe in the Lam Son ecological complex in Hoa Binh

What will the design of the cafe, which is also the place to welcome customers to Lam Son eco-tourism area, look like? We invite you to join Kendesign to learn about the shop's space through the following information!

Total area 150 m2 Investment cost 0 vnđ
Location Hoa Binh Design unit KenDesign
Project investors Mr. Le Quang Trung Styles Elegant, polite

The design of a waiting cafe in an eco-tourism area is a place where customers freely choose drinks. This place integrates many functions so everyone will feel extremely comfortable. To understand more about that unique design, KenDesign invites you to explore the following information.

Coffee shop design development process

The cafe design is a place for customers to wait, rest and a place for investors to welcome their customers. This place has many functions so it can meet many people's needs. Besides, it is also a European restaurant and an Asian restaurant that is convenient for everyone to eat and drink.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

The investor wants the designs within the eco-tourism area to be truly natural, integrating into nature to unify into a whole. Therefore, KenDesign chose a design with simple architecture, not too ostentatious but no less modern. Because the goal is to bring the most honest and natural experiences to our customers.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

Surrounding the cafe are still wonderful natural images, including mountains and green forests, along with a peaceful lake surface that will bring an unforgettable experience. Here, people can enjoy new drinks and look in the distance to see the pine hills where people will camp.

Bring nature into design

For this special waiting cafe, one can see that it is combined both outdoors and inside, helping to add functionality to the design. Customers who want to be quiet, rest and enjoy the scenery can choose the 2nd floor, indoors. Every view from the restaurant is designed with white glass, so everyone can see the majestic nature no matter where they sit.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

If anyone wants to breathe fresh air and directly touch the grass or tree branches, they can choose the outdoor reception area. This area is also designed with a roof so that customers are not affected by the weather.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

Overall, the cafe is "very chill"

The cafe design is considered very suitable for those who want a quiet, gentle space. After tiring working days, this place will help you regain energy to continue your work. Contributing to the "cool chill" space of the shop, the interior is an extremely important factor that helps create an impression on customers.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

The interior is the perfect coordination of all the details. From materials and colors to designs, arrangements and decorations. All create the overall picture of the cafe. Whether that picture is beautiful or ugly, interesting or boring, impressive or dull depends entirely on the interior design of the outdoor cafe.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

Material is close

Materials used when designing a cafe are materials that are easy to find and close to people such as wood, glass, steel frame, tile roof,... The interior is the key factor in making an impression on customers. product, because it is the perfect combination of all the details together. From materials to colors, the cafe's interior designs are all minimalist.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

The round table combined with a wooden chair with backrest is a simple but highly practical design. On the other hand, the design of the waiting cafe also uses mainly brown, beige, gray,... very suitable for an outdoor design.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

Natural light system

The cafe's design is surrounded by white glass panels, helping light easily penetrate the indoor space. Making it easier for customers to see the world around them. During the day, when the sun shines, the inside will be bright. To avoid the indoor temperature being too high, KenDesign's architects have given suggestions such as using thin curtains so that the light intensity is not too high. harsh glare.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

The artificial lighting system also receives attention, because it will be essential on cloudy days or bad weather. Electric lights are installed on the ceiling, with all kinds of different bulb sizes. Helps the cafe design become more sparkling than ever when using yellow light for the entire space.

Interesting highlight design

Coming to the design of the welcoming cafe at Lam Son eco-tourism area - Hoa Binh, the highlight is the uniquely shaped roof. This is a lightly structured roof placed on top of the building, helping the overall harmony with nature. KenDesign's architects make the most of the available shapes, thereby renovating some other details, giving the project a softer and gentler appearance.

Design of a cafe in the Lam Son

Next, is the spiral staircase connecting the 1st floor with the 2nd floor with a simple design, but suitable for the overall cafe. The wooden floor in the design is also a bright spot that everyone will definitely be interested in. The wooden floor does not slip when it rains, making the space more luxurious and elegant.

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